Teaching with Video

Teaching with video used to be difficult to set up. You would have to wheel in the ancient school TV, or more recently have enough fully prepared laptops for whatever your chosen activity was. However, these days probably every student is carrying a wireless, internet-connected, high defintiton video player and you can point them at any video on YouTube with a google search or if you’re more prepared a QR code.

This opens a whole world of access to videos which students often find far more compelling than printed texts. And even better, students can produce their own videos and share them easily with the rest of their classmates.

On this page, I will begin collecting resources and activities to fully utilise this powerful ‘new’ classroom tool.

Videos for describing action

Using video clips to practise the describing action with the present continuous.

Short and funny video clips

A collection of short, funny videos which can be used in an English class.

Who lives in a house like this?

A guessing game where students see photos or video of each other’s rooms and have to discuss who they belong to.

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