ESL Warm Ups: Activate Knowledge and Energise Your Class

An effective ESL warm-up is crucial for a successful class, helping to break the ice, activate language learning mode, reactivate prior knowledge, and introduce the day’s topic. With the right warm-up, your class will thrive.

Fun and Engaging ESL Warm-up Activities

Explore a variety of warm-up activities to kickstart your ESL class:

  • No-Preparation Warm-Up Activities: Fun and engaging warm-ups that require no preparation
  • 10 Dictation Activities: Breathe new life into dictation exercises with these innovative ideas
  • Collaborative Crosswords: Use half crosswords to present and practice new vocabulary and improve learner fluency
  • Scatter Sheets: Enhance students’ vocabulary and speaking confidence with this simple but effective activity (available as a photocopiable book and online)
  • A to Z Race: A lively alphabet game that encourages teams to fill the board with vocabulary
  • ESL Crossword Puzzles: Create your own crossword puzzles to review vocabulary or introduce a theme

Online Teaching Warm-up Ideas

For online teaching warm-ups and filler activities, visit our sister site