ESL Warm Ups to Activate Knowledge and Energise the Class

A good warm up is an essential part of an ESL class. It can help break the ice, activate language learning mode, reactivate previous gains, and introduce the topic of the day. If you get the warm-up right, the rest of the class will take care of itself.

Teaching Online

For warm ups and filler activities suitable for online-teaching check out our sister site and the Teaching with Technology page too.

The big list of fun, no-preparation warm-up activities

No preparation needed with these fun warm up and filler activities which help to get the class off to a smooth start.

10 dictation activities

Here are ten ideas to breathe new life into dictation activities.

Collaborative crosswords

Half crosswords are great for presenting and practising new vocabulary and improving learner fluency.

Scatter Sheets: a fun way to improve vocabulary and fluency

A simple but effective activity to increase students’ vocabulary and speaking confidence. Also available as a photocopiable book and available online with the online scatter sheet maker.

A to Z race

A fun and lively alphabet game which pitches teams against each other to fill the board with vocabulary.

ESL Crossword Puzzles

Crosswords are a handy way to review vocabulary or introduce a theme. Here’s a quick guide to making your own ESL crossword puzzles.