Who lives in a house like this?

who lives in a house like this

Who lives in a house like this? is based on an old BBC TV show Through The Keyhole where the host walks around a celebrity’s house trying to establish their identity from his or her interior design choices.

You can do this activity with a laptop and a projector or a smart screen. Or you can share the media online and have students access it through their phones.

For homework, have students email you some photographs or video of, for example, their living room, their desk, the contents of the fridge, the view from the window, etc.

Show each picture/video in turn and get the students to discuss who they it belongs to.

To turn this into a game, create teams of four or five and remove a student from each team, including the one whose picture or video is coming up next. Have them stand with their back to the screen so they can’t see the photograph or video in play. Teams have to decide who the picture belongs to and get a point for each correct answer.

Listen to the students’ discussions, feeding in vocabulary as necessary and at the end of each round, fill in gaps in the students’ language by describing some aspects of the picture which didn’t come up in the discussion time.

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