Halloween Activities

Here’s a spooky mix of Halloween activities and worksheets taken from different sections of our site. Don’t forget to turn down the lights and put on some atmospheric music to create a perfectly chilling atmosphere.

Teaching Online

For online Halloween activities, see our sister site LearnHip.com

Halloween Half Crossword

Pairs of students are each given half of a complete Halloween crossword and must describe to their partners the missing words which they need. There’s a picture key provided to help with presenting the language.

There are plenty more half crosswords to download and print on the collaborative crosswords page.

Sounds of Halloween Quiz

This Halloween Quiz [LearnHip.com] has 15 scary sounds associated with Halloween and horror movies – play the clip and ask your students to guess what each sound is.

See Guess the Sound Quizzes [LearnHip.com] for more.

Fortune Telling

Students tell each other’s fortunes by pulling random runes from a receptacle and divining their partner’s destiny. The fortune-telling activity includes lots of ready to cut out runes.

There is also an online fortune-telling game, just give students the URL and they can play with their phones or on a shared screen.

Halloween Taboo

Here’s a sheet of 50 ready to cut out Halloween Taboo cards. Teams of students compete against each other to describe random spooky words to their teammates.

See How to Play Taboo for more tips on how to play and lots of other ready to cut out cards.

Halloween Picture Taboo

This is a collection of Halloween-themed pictures to download to a smartphone or tablet. Students take it in turns to describe the object they see and then show it to the class. If nobody knows the English word, then they can give the answer in their L1 or google it. The device is then passed to the next person who swipes to the next picture. Please note the web app will only work with smartphones and tablets.

Halloween (zipped photoset / web app)

For more downloadable picture sets see the Picture Taboo page.

Halloween Conversation Cards

Groups of students work through a list of Halloween-related vocabulary and idioms before pulling cards from a deck of Halloween related Conversation Questions.

There are plenty more ready to cut out Conversation Cards on the Conversation Questions page.

Halloween Scatter Sheet

Scatter sheets are a great way to review vocabulary. Give each student a Halloween scatter sheet and they take it in turns to select and describe a word and cross out completed words. It gets harder as you go.

There are lots more scatter sheets to download and print on the Scatter Sheets page.

Halloween Survey

Perfect for teens. Give each student a copy of the Halloween Survey and have them interview their partner. At the end go through the questions one by one and listen to the opinions and experiences of the class.

There are more surveys on the Speaking Activities page.

Halloween Articles

Here are a couple of interesting articles relating to Halloween that you can use for reading practice, discussion purposes, etc.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these ideas! I’m always looking for new vocabulary activities and was specifically looking for something Hallowe’en related.

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing! This is just what I needed for my students. I love this website, the activities are really helpful and fun.

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