Bring Vocabulary to Life with Scatter Sheets

Scatter Sheets are versatile and engaging tools for vocabulary enhancement, perfect for warm-ups, theme introductions, vocabulary presentations, and fluency exercises. They can also be effectively utilized in online teaching environments. To create your own online scatter sheet, explore our scatter sheet maker.

What is a Scatter Sheet?

A Scatter Sheet features an assortment of words and phrases related to a specific theme, such as “In the Office” or “At the Supermarket.” The words are randomly arranged across the page. Students take turns describing the items, while their classmates try to guess the words. Each guessed word is crossed out, and the teacher assists with any remaining words at the end. Check out our sample PDF for a few examples. is pleased to offer a collection of 50 Scatter Sheets as a €1.89 ($2.49) PDF download or as an A4-sized book from Amazon.

Our Scatter Sheets package includes:

  • 1,000 vocabulary items
  • 250 gap-fill exercises
  • 150 discussion questions
  • 50 relevant topics
  • UK and US English versions
  • Hours of saved preparation time
Download a sample PDF

Each scatter sheet comes with a supplementary page of gap-fill exercises to reinforce the vocabulary, as well as discussion questions centred around the theme.

For added convenience, we provide fully editable .ODT and .DOC files, so you can customize the material to suit your specific classroom needs.

Take a look at the sample PDF and try out the examples. You can get the full PDF book for just €1.89 ($2.49) or buy a physical copy to keep in your bag from Amazon.


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