These are picture slideshows which can be used to illustrate and elicit particular vocabulary or grammar points. Grammar Present Continuous – What is happening? Download as .pptx file Present Perfect – what has changed? Download as .ppt file Present Perfect – connection with the present Download as .ppt file Present Continuous Passive Download as .ppt […]

Powerpoint classes

These Powerpoint slideshows were kindly donated by China-based English teacher Mary Louise who typically teaches large classes of teenagers. Please let us know in the comments how you get on with the material and any tricks or tips you might employ to use them effectively. Mary’s advice for optimum use of the Powerpoint presentations: Run […]


Euphemisms lesson plan A lesson plan to introduce the idea of using euphemistic speech in a professional environment. Teacher’s notes and activity sheets PDF / ODT / Docx Teachers notes Step 1. Introduce the idea of euphemistic speech. English speakers often use euphemistic speech when talking about a third party to avoid being insulting or creating an awkward situation. It’s […]