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These Powerpoint slideshows were kindly donated by China-based English teacher Mary Louise who typically teaches large classes of teenagers.

Please let us know in the comments how you get on with the material and any tricks or tips you might employ to use them effectively.

Mary’s advice for optimum use of the Powerpoint presentations:

Run through these slideshows during a one-hour group class (repeating them in consecutive classes will help students to retain vocabulary).

The slides are designed for students at pre/ intermediate level. My advice is to save the PPTS and adapt them to fit your needs you might want to create additional handouts with vocab (or have students take photos, to save paper!).

Avoid just saying the word and getting the students to repeat it. Always elicit vocabulary where possible, using concealed words on some slides encourages this.\

Use KAGAN structures/ interactive activities/ competitions/ games to keep students’ on their feet (literally).

Powerpoint classes work SO much better when students collaborate, do group work, and take part in discussions and debates. Have students stand up and locate keywords on the walls, walk to corners, find students with similar preferences,  team up, etc. Without constant interaction, this style of lecturing can lead students to start yawning, so they must be kept actively engaged.

So, use the slides as basic guidance to feed in vocabulary and structure but adapt them to your own liking/ levels…

I hope this can save you some time if you have English corner classes to prepare!

Example Lesson – Tea Culture around the world

Download as .pptx file

More Powerpoint lessons to download


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