Teaching with Technology

Most of the activities previously linked to on this page are now situated at learnhip.com – a new portal dedicated to online-teaching activities.

Activities include themed conversation questions, the random question generator and random topic generator, scrambled sentence maker, the online boardgame maker, online scatter sheet makerwhat happens nextfortune telling runes and much more.

Picture Taboo

Now you can play Picture Taboo online with your phone or tablet. Students pass around the phone/tablet and describe the object they are looking at. Only works with phones or tablets.

Picture Taboo: In the OfficeSummerHalloweenChristmas

Powerpoint Lessons

A very generous teacher has made available her powerpoint lessons to us. These slideshows were designed to be used for 60 minute lessons and work well with larger classes.

Videos for describing action

A pairwork activity using video clips to practise the present continuous.

Short and funny video clips

On this page, I am assembling a collection of light-hearted comedy clips which can be used in an English class.

Who lives in a house like this?

A guessing game where students see photos of each other’s rooms and have to discuss who they belong to.

Snap (to be)

Play Snap! to practise forms of to be. First to five is the winner. A game for two students, if the answer matches the question, the first to tap on their side gets a point, if they’re wrong they lose a point.

Number Bingo Master

This handy web app will help you keep track of the numbers when you play Number Bingo!

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  1. Hello, I’d like you to know that I’m very grateful for your website, the games and activities described here have helped me several times.

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