Using technology in the ESL classroom

Web Apps

This page contains web apps for use in the classroom. Including 500 conversation questions, Random Conversation Starters, What Happened Next? and Fortune-Telling Runes.

Short Article Finder

The Short news story finder allows you to search a wide variety of news sites and blogs to find articles which are the perfect length to use in class.


These are picture slideshows which can be used to illustrate and elicit particular vocabulary or grammar points.

Guess the sound

In this activity, students hear a variety of audio clips and try to identify the source of the sound. Includes general household sounds and the sounds of Halloween.

Picture Taboo

Picture taboo is a describing game where students pass around a tablet or smartphone and describe the object displayed for the others to guess.

Powerpoint Lessons

A very generous teacher has made available her powerpoint lessons to us. These slideshows were designed to be used for 60 minute lessons and work well with larger classes.

Videos for describing action

A pairwork activity using video clips to practise the present continuous.

Short and funny video clips

On this page, I am assembling a collection of light-hearted comedy clips which can be used in an English class.

Who lives in a house like this?

A guessing game where students see photos of each other’s rooms and have to discuss who they belong to.

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