Changing Careers

What job should I do?

This activity is based on an exercise in a book for job seekers to help them identify rewarding career paths.

Make a list of character traits such as these:

  • reliable
  • hard-working
  • creative
  • flexible
  • ready to travel
  • good communicator
  • eager to learn
  • leadership skills
  • adventurous
  • calm
  • articulate
  • curious
  • determined
  • enthusiastic
  • focused
  • independent
  • responsible
  • friendly
  • technological
  • patient

Choose five and have students brainstorm suitable jobs for a person with those character traits.

Now ask students to think of their five strongest or favourite character traits and write them down on a slip of paper. Of course, students are free to add traits which are not on the list.

Collect the slips, fold them in half and put them in a container, and then have each student pick one out. If they pick their own, it should go back in the container.

Students should now brainstorm (at least three) possible jobs for the person whose slip they have picked out. Jobs don’t have to require all of the selected traits, but they should aim to include roles which require at least three.

After five or ten minutes, have students read out the list of character traits and the possible jobs they have selected for that person. See if the class has any more ideas and then ask the person who wrote the list to identify themselves and ask how they feel about the career ideas that were selected for them.

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