Bring vocabulary to life with Scatter Sheets

50 scatter sheets warm up bookScatter Sheets can be used as warm up, theme introduction, vocabulary presentation and fluency exercises.

A Scatter Sheet is a page of randomly distributed lexis based around a theme, for example In the Office, At the Supermarket. Students take it in turns describing items for the other students to guess. The teacher helps with any words left at the end. Check out the sample PDF for some examples.

sky offers a book of 50 Scatter Sheets as a €1.89 ($2.49) PDF download or as an A4 sized book from Amazon.

  • 1000 vocabulary items
  • 250 gap-fill exercises
  • 150 discussion questions
  • 50 relevant topics
  • UK and US English versions
  • Hours of saved prep time


scatter sheet sample questionsEach scatter sheet is accompanied by a page of gap-fill exercises to help fix the vocabulary as well as some discussion questions based around the theme.

Also available are the fully editable .ODT and .DOC files so you can adapt the material to suit your class.

Check out the sample PDF and give the examples a try. You can pick up a copy of the eBook for just €1.89 ($2.49) or buy a physical copy to keep in your bag from Amazon.


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