What’s in your fridge? – a vocabulary guessing game

vocabulary guessing gameThis is a vocabulary guessing game for practising is there and are there questions, as well as quantifiers like some, any, a lot of and vocabulary related to food, the home, the workplace, or any other suitable category.

Write the name of each student on the board and underneath their name mark three lives, like this I I I.

Students take it in turns to guess what objects you may or may not have in your fridge / living room / office by asking questions like is there a bottle of orange juice? are there any eggs?

If the student guesses correctly, move on to the next student, if they’re wrong then erase one of their lives and move on. If students don’t give an answer in 30 seconds then hit your buzzer and erase a life.

Keep track of vocabulary items which have already been guessed by writing them on the board.

The last player to still have a life is the winner.

When students have got the hang of it, they can take your place and let the other students guess the secrets of their own fridges.

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