10 dictation activities – breathing new life into an old staple

Dull, lengthy dictations are no longer so prevalent in most ESL classrooms, however, there is some value in the format,  and used in moderation, dictation activities can be a useful and stimulating exercise. Some of their benefits are promoting the noticing of new forms, developing hearing skills, presenting new language, and checking spelling. In a standard […]

Question of the week

Writing is an area of English teaching which is often neglected because it is a vital skill and also a fantastic way to observe a student’s progress and to identify their areas of weakness. Doing writing exercises in class can feel like a waste of good speaking time. Students can write anywhere, but the classroom […]

What’s the movie? – how to talk about a story

What’s the movie? is an enjoyable activity which introduces some movie and storytelling vocabulary while practising use of the present simple in talking about film plots and books. Think of a popular film and write some present simple sentences describing the plot and setting., For example: It’s set on a big ship It stars Leo […]