10 dictation activities – breathing new life into an old staple

Dull, lengthy dictations are no longer so prevalent in most ESL classrooms, however, there is some value in the format,  and used in moderation, dictation activities can be a useful and stimulating exercise. Some of their benefits are promoting the noticing of new forms, developing hearing skills, presenting new language, and checking spelling. In a standard […]

Collaborative Crosswords – for presenting vocabulary and improving fluency

Collaborative crosswords also known as half-crosswords are a pairwork speaking activity in which students must make up the clues for their partner. Because students are challenged to describe objects without naming them directly, they are forced to find synonyms and be creative in their communicative approach, this kind of exercise is very effective at improving […]

Alphabet and spelling games

Alphabet and spelling games to help students with their A to Z. Hangman Think of a word and draw some dashes on the board, one for each letter __ __ __ __ __ __,  each student in turn names a letter that they think might be in the word.  If the letter is in the […]