Short and funny English videos for your ESL classroom

A page where I gather short, funny English video clips. One way to use videos like these is to divide the class into small groups and show each group a different clip on a laptop or tablet. Then have individuals from each group meet with counterparts from other the groups and explain their video to them. […]

Describing videos with present continuous

In the past, I’ve found it difficult to find satisfactory ways of practising the present continuous in a real-time situation. I find miming activities don’t always suit adult classrooms, and describing what is happening in pictures produces only a limited range of language. However, with the introduction of a large screen, there are a lot more […]

Telling time worksheets – giving the time in English

Here are some worksheets with which you can practise different aspects of telling the time. I usually explain telling the time by drawing a big clock face on the board and then dividing it down the middle. On the left side, I write to and on the right side past. Then I add o’clock at the top, half […]

Word match – a minimal pairs game for teaching pronunciation

The aim of this minimal pairs game is to get learners to notice problems they have with different but similar vowel and consonant sounds and to practise reproducing the correct sound. Teaching Online There is now an online version of this activity at Minimal pairs are pairs of words that differ in only one […]

Show and tell

Show and tell is one of those great activities that motors along under its own steam without needing much direction from the teacher. I really enjoy being able to sit back and listen to the students’ stories, jumping in when there are difficulties or adding appropriate vocabulary. If there are grammar points which need addressing […]

Business collocations

Give pairs of students a copy of the venn diagram. Ask them to sort the collocations below the diagram into the two areas stated in the circles. If the collocation seems to fit in both areas then they should write it in the middle section. When everyone is finished, draw the diagram on the board […]

Who lives in a house like this?

You’ll need a laptop and a projector to play this game which is based on an old BBC TV show Through The Keyhole where the host walks around a celebrity’s house trying to establish their identity from his or her interior design choices. For homework, have students email you some photographs of, for example, their […]

One on one interviews

Students work with a partner to complete a printed survey. The results are shared and discussed with the class after the exercise. Blank survey template English survey (mini needs analysis) First lesson: interview another student End of year review questions End of year questions (teens) Halloween survey Jobs survey Science survey School survey