ESL apps – games and activities for smartphones and tablets

These ESL apps consist of games and activities to play online with smartphones and tablets.

500 Conversation Questions

ESL conversation questions appThis web app features randomised conversation questions from the book 50 Conversation lessons. It’s also available as a free Android app.

What happens next?

what happened next ESL appUse this web app for practising describing a situation and predicting what will happen next. Students watch the short clip and describe what the situation is, then try to guess what happens next.


ESL Countdown appThis simple web app (and Android app) is based on the UK game show Countdown. Students choose ten letters and the team who can make the longest word wins.

Describe the (Imaginary) Picture

describe the picture app This web app works best on tablets. See this entry for instructions on how to play.

Fortune Telling

fortune telling appWant to play the fortune telling game without cutting up all those bits of paper? Then use this web app with your phone or tablet.


Phrasal Verb Match Up

ESL phrasal verb appGet students familiar with phrasal verbs with Phrasal Verb Match UpFind out how to play here.


Picture Taboo

ESL picture taboo appNow you can play Picture Taboo online with your phone or tablet.

Picture Taboo: In the OfficeSummer, Halloween, Christmas


Snap (to be)

ESL snap appPlay Snap! to practise forms of to be. First to five is the winner. A game for two students, if the answer matches the question, the first to tap on their side gets a point, if they’re wrong they lose a point.


Question prompts

ESL questions appThis app is a simple random question prompter for practising the form of present simple questions.


Number Bingo Master

ESL bingo appThis handy web app will help you keep track of the numbers when you play Number Bingo!


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  1. I haven’t looked at everything,but the “Describe the Picture” App is brilliant! When and if I ever have a roomful of students who all have access I’ll definitely use it.
    Thank you

    • Hi James, they’re web apps, meaning they run in the browser (you need to be online). However, Conversation questions and Countdown are both available as Android apps, links are in the descriptions.

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