Present Perfect Activities

Present Perfect – Past Participles Present perfect crossword Use the present perfect forms to complete this crossword. See ESL crosswords and how to make them for more examples and instructions on how to create your own. 50 top verb cards Give pairs or threes of students a set of Top 50 Verb Cards. Ask them […]

Find someone who – printable worksheets for adult classes

Find someone who is a great mingling activity which gets students on their feet and forces them to interact one-on-one with their classmates. I often do one of these on the first day with a new class as they can serve as a great ice-breaker activity. First, give each student a copy of the question […]

Poker Face

Poker Face is a true or false type game that can be played with a pack of playing cards (or slips of paper). You can use it to review specific tenses and for question asking practice. Deal each player three to five cards. The first player lays one of their cards face down and makes […]

ESL crosswords and how to make them

Crosswords are really great for introducing a new theme or grammar point, you can give them out as a warmer while you’re waiting for all the class to arrive, or they make a  handy homework or vocabulary review task. Note: not every student will be familiar with crossword puzzles, so make sure to explain it first […]

Stand up if you’ve ever …

This present perfect game encourages students to talk about their life experiences and to reveal their more interesting stories. You can use this handout as a warm up activity to give a more controlled practice. The aim of this game is to be the only person standing up by sharing a life experience and inviting other students to stand […]

ESL board games provide a safe space to practice new language forms

ESL board games are a handy way to get students using new language, and are especially useful for practising targeted grammar structures. Students get to ask and answer “realistic” questions and in the process get to know each other a little better, hopefully leading to higher quality interactions and increased speaking opportunities. In fact, some […]