10 outdoor activities you can do on a sunny day

Some days it feels just too hot to sit in the classroom. If you have a nice patch of ground nearby, why don’t you take them outside and allow the change of scenery to stimulate their imaginations? Here are ten outdoor activities which need little or no preparation. Scavenger hunt Make a list of items for your […]

Present simple vs present continuous photoset

This is a photoset which you can use to illustrate the difference between present simple and present continuous. Each photo shows someone with a clearly identifiable job who is doing something that the job usually doesn’t entail. First, ask the students, what does he/she do? to elicit their job title. Then ask them to expand on what […]

Who lives in a house like this?

You’ll need a laptop and a projector to play this game which is based on an old BBC TV show Through The Keyhole where the host walks around a celebrity’s house trying to establish their identity from his or her interior design choices. For homework, have students email you some photographs of, for example, their […]

Picture Taboo – to practise describing objects

Picture taboo is a fluency focused activity in which students practise describing objects. This activity builds vocabulary, fluency and listening skills and acts as an introduction to a theme. Picture Taboo has one important difference to regular Taboo. The student describing the object has a picture of it in front of them, so they don’t […]

Describe the (imaginary) picture

In this activity, students describe a picture using useful vocabulary such as, there is, there are and the present continuous tense. It’s good for practising asking questions and stretching your students’ creativity To save you searching for suitable pictures and cutting up bits of paper, this web-app allows you to play the game with a smartphone, tablet or PC. […]