Telling time worksheets – giving the time in English

Here are some worksheets with which you can practise different aspects of telling the time. I usually explain telling the time by drawing a big clock face on the board and then dividing it down the middle. On the left side, I write to and on the right side past. Then I add o’clock at the top, half […]

Number quiz

This number quiz gives students a chance to use numbers other than their age and the date which is all that is usually required of them. The answers to these questions range from very small to very large numbers. Divide the class into teams and ask the question, the team with the closest answer gets the […]

Number bingo! – a fun way to practise learning numbers

Number bingo is a fun game to help beginner English learners recognise numbers. For some reason my adult learners always really enjoy this game, I think it helps to relieve the pressure of being a beginner and makes them realise that learning English can be fun too. Give each student a bingo card. If there aren’t enough […]