Who lives in a house like this?

You’ll need a laptop and a projector to play this game which is based on an old BBC TV show Through The Keyhole where the host walks around a celebrity’s house trying to establish their identity from his or her interior design choices. For homework, have students email you some photographs of, for example, their […]

Word mazes are great for teaching pronunciation

Word mazes are a form of puzzle where students must follow the correct sequence of words to make their way from the start of the maze to the finish. Word stress mazes Being aware of syllable stress is crucial for helping non-native English speakers to improve their pronunciation and comprehensibility. These word-stress mazes get student […]

Comparative adjectives and superlatives with Venn diagrams and dice

This is a fun way to practise comparative adjectives and superlatives using Venn diagrams. Introducing and sorting adjectives In the first part of this activity, adjectives are sorted into one of two areas on a Venn diagram. If they could apply to both areas they are placed into the overlapping middle area. See the examples […]

The A to Z game – a quick and fun vocabulary race

The A to Z game is a fun and occasionally rowdy vocabulary game and a surefire way to inject some energy into the classroom. It’s ideal as a warmer and is a great way to introduce new topics. Themes might include adjectives,  jobs, food, things you take on holiday, etc. If you like this activity […]