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Tag question confirmation

Explain that tag questions are usually used to confirm information that we think we already know.

Go round the class and get students to confirm something they already know about a fellow student. For example:

Manuel, you have a dog, don’t you?

You could turn it into a game by giving each student two or three lives and then deducting one when they fail to get a confirmatory answer.

Find someone who

Here is a Find Someone Who worksheet which requires students to use tag questions to find the information they need. It’s best to run through the questions first in order to check the form. Then have them try to find people in the class which fit the requirement and have a short conversation with them in order to find out a little extra relevant information.

There are more worksheets on the Find Someone Who page including a blank template so that you can make your own.

Question tag boardgame

Here is a fun and challenging tag question board game. Small groups of students use a dice to move their counter around the board. Each time they land on a tag question, they have to frame a question ending in that particular tag.

For more of these activities see the board games page.

Tag question exercise

Here’s an online tag question exercise. For more exercises see the Online Exercises page.

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