Sounds from around the home

household soundsHere’s a mystery sound quiz which focuses on sounds you might hear around the home. This will help students pick up some common household vocabulary. You can also focus on constructions like it sounds like, it could be, I think it’s … 

Play the mystery sound effects in turn while students write down what they think they heard. Play each sound at least twice and give students time at the end to look up any words they need in their dictionaries. Go through the answers at the end, using the picture slideshow if you are using a shared screen.

As a follow-up activity have students tell each other about the household chores they like and dislike doing.



Sound 2


Sound 3


Sound 4


Sound 5


Sound 6




Sound 8


Sound 9


Sound 10


Sound 11


Sound 12


Sound 13


Sound 14


Sound 15



Click on a picture to open a slideshow.


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