Snap! (forms of to be)

This is a matching exercise to practise short answers, as well as the different forms of the verb be. It’s also available as a web app for your smartphone or tablet.

Put students into pairs and give each pair their own pile of snap cards Get the students to shuffle them and then arrange them into two columns, one column of questions and one of answers. Now, they should try to match each question with an appropriate answer. This can be trickier than it first appears because some of the questions have more than one possible answer.

Once the students have managed to match up their cards, have them separate the cards into two piles, questions and answers, and shuffle the piles again. They are now ready to play snap!.

Each of the pair takes a pile and places it face-down on the desk.

At the same time, students each take a card from the top of their pile and place it face-up on the desk.

If the cards don’t match, they are left on the table and students turn over the next two cards and place them on top of the previous cards.

If the cards match, for example, Are you a student?No, I’m not then the first to shout snap! keeps the pile of cards on the table.

It’s really worth demonstrating how to play with one of the pairs.

When students reach the end of their piles, they can shuffle their decks and continue playing. When there are no more cards left or no more possible combinations, the student with the most pairs of cards is the winner.

Snap! Game Printables

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