Four in a row – a fun way to test and review grammar forms

four in a rowFour in a row is an activity for groups of three students. Each pair is given a puzzle sheet (see below) comprising of a grid of words, they compete to connect four of the grid-squares vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The third person in the group acts as an invigilator.

Student A chooses a grid-square and must make a sentence using the required form (for example, a verb with the correct preposition, or the correct form of an irregular verb). The referee checks the answer (using the handy answer key). If the student’s sentence is correct, The referee marks the box with an A, if A’s sentence is not correct then the box is marked with a B. Student B then plays and the game continues until a student manages to connect four boxes in a straight line.

Make sure every group plays the game at least twice so that student C can also take part.

Try repeating this game a couple of weeks later to see how much your students have retained.

Four in a row printables

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