Business English Phrasal Verbs

This is a simple game for practising phrasal verbs.

Think of six phrasal verbs that you want to practise. On the board write the six different verbs and six different prepositions in two numbered lists.

You will also need to think up and write down six sentences each using a different phrasal verb, remove the verb and preposition to make six gapped sentences. See this printable worksheet for examples.

1 Put
2 Take
3 Give
4 Look
5 Run
6 Stand
1 After
2 In
3 Out
4 On
5 Off
6 Over

First of all give pairs or groups of student five to ten minutes to brainstorm and write down as many valid phrasal verbs as they can. Then go through the phrasal verbs offered making sure to ask the students to explain the verbs given by using them in a sentence.

Now give students the six gapped sentences to try and complete. Make sure to remind them that each verb can only be used once.

Finally give pairs or small groups of students two dice. In turn students throw one dice for a verb and a second dice for a preposition, they then have to make a sentence using the phrasal verb given. If they succeed they get a point, if they can’t or it’s not possible then the turn passes to the next student. Groups must referee the game themselves, if there is dispute then they will need to call upon the trainer for resolution.


Example worksheet using the phrasal verbs put, take, give, look, run & stand.

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