Present Perfect Continuous Activities –

Present perfect continuous is often taught in conjunction with present perfect. These are some of the activities I have used. Online Present Perfect Continuous Exercises For online present perfect continuous exercises and activities see our online-focused site Since or For Tell students to divide a page into two columns and to write for on one […]

Future Forms – Will, Going to & the Present Continuous

English learners can find the different English future forms quite intimidating and often just stick to the simple future will form to stay on the safe side. Here are some activities for teaching and comparing the different forms in applicable circumstances. Online Future Exercises You can find online future forms exercises and activities at our […]

Present Simple Activities

Looking for engaging ways to teach the present simple tense? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of fun and effective activities that your students are sure to love. Teaching Online You can find online present simple exercises and activities at our online-focused site Snap! This is a printable card game […]

Passive Voice Activities – Get Active with the Passive

Tried and tested passive voice activities for the EFL classroom. Online Passive Voice Exercises and Activities You can find online passive voice exercises and activities at our online-focused site Conspiracy Theory Match This conspiracy theory activity may not be appropriate in every context, use your judgement, but most students will probably know about and […]

The Biggest and the Best Comparative and Superlative Activities

Here are games and activities for practising comparatives and superlatives. Comparative pairs Put students into pairs and task them with finding out enough information to make five comparisons between them. For example: Sheila is taller than me My bag is bigger than Sheila’s bag Superlative group Put students into groups of three. Ask them to […]

Conditional Activities – Easy Ways to Illustrate ESL Conditionals

Conditional games and activites for practising first, second and third conditional forms in a TEFL classroom. Online Activities for Conditional Sentences You can find online conditional exercises and activities at our online-focused site First Conditional Activities Superstitions This matching exercise challenges students to identify some common superstitions from around the world. It is useful […]

Past Simple Activities to Teach the Past Tense

Teach the past tense with these tried and tested past simple games and activities. Online Past Simple Exercises You can find online past simple exercises and activities at our teaching-online focused site Was & Were Kim’s Game I often use the memory game Kim’s game as an introduction to the past tense. We do […]

Reported Speech Activities

Crazy Questions This is just a quick exercise to check understanding of reported speech questions. Put some examples on the board: Do you eat bananas in the shower? Do you drive with your eyes closed? Do you wear socks on your head? Are you married to a ghost? Have you ever eaten a lion? Ask […]