The recipe game

briticecreamBased on an exercise from the absolutely essential 700 Classroom Activities this fun activity lets learners get creative while practising food vocabulary and presentation skills.


What to do

Put students into pairs or threes and tell them that they are going to write a shopping list, then write on the board or dictate the following list (or give each group a copy of this shopping list PDF / DocX).

  • a green vegetable
  • another vegetable
  • a type of meat or fish
  • a tin of something
  • a jar of something
  • something salty
  • something sweet
  • a dairy product
  • a herb or spice

In groups students choose one food item that fits each category. When everyone has finished, collect the shopping lists and randomly redistribute them so that each group has a different group’s list.

Students now have 15 minutes to come up with a three course meal using only the ingredients on their shopping list (plus salt, pepper and cooking oil). Circulate among the groups and help out where you can.

When the time is up, tell the groups that they must take it in turns to present their menu to the other students, encourage them to make each course sound as appetising as possible. Give them five minutes to brainstorm a few ideas before starting the presentations.

Finally students all vote on which menu they would be most willing to eat.


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