Number bingo!

This is a game to help beginners get used to recognising numbers.

Give each student a bingo card. If there aren’t enough different cards, you can use duplicates.


Explain that you are going to read out a number between 1 and 30 and that students should check whether the number is on their card. If it is, they should circle it. Explain that you will continue calling out numbers randomly until a student has crossed off all the numbers on their card. The student must then either jump up, stand up, or put their hand up and shout Bingo!

So far, so easy, and your students are probably feeling fairly confident about the exercise, so introduce the concepts of plus and minus. Explain the meaning of plus and minus by doing a few simple sums on the board.

Now start the game by reading randomly chosen sums from the bingo master card. Make sure to make a mark next to each sum, so you don’t repeat yourself. Repeat each sum to give the students plenty of time to do the calculation and check their card.

Go through the card until the first student shouts bingo! You can then stop the game or continue to read out sums out until every student has finished or there are no numbers left. Don’t forget to check the winning student’s card against the master sheet before proclaiming them bingo champion.

Repeat the game once or twice, with one of the students (the previous winner?) playing the role of bingo caller.


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