Collaborative Crosswords – for presenting vocabulary and improving fluency

Collaborative CrosswordsCollaborative crosswords form the basis of a pairwork speaking activity aimed at improving fluency and internalising new vocabulary.

Unlike regular crosswords, with collaborative crosswords, students receive half of a completed puzzle and must themselves supply the clues to their partner who has the other half.

Because students are challenged to talk around the subject, find synonyms and be creative in their communicative approach. This kind of exercise is very effective at improving confidence and fluency, and the presented vocabulary becomes internalised during the activity.

Please note, PDF crosswords may not display properly in your PDF reader, but they WILL print correctly.

Around the house

Out and about



You can make your own collaborative crosswords by visiting and using their handy crossword maker.

7 Replies to “Collaborative Crosswords – for presenting vocabulary and improving fluency”

  1. This was a great warm-up for my students. Great exercise of descriptive vocabulary. One note: some of the words are not American English.
    ( i.e. We use cart, not trolley.)

    • Hi Kareen,
      I’m afraid there isn’t an American English version available yet. Check back in a month or so!

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