Telling time worksheets – giving the time in English

telling time worksheetsHere are some worksheets with which you can practise different aspects of telling the time.

I usually explain telling the time by drawing a big clock face on the board and then dividing it down the middle. On the left side, I write to and on the right side past. Then I add o’clock at the top, half past at the bottom and quarter to and quarter past on each side.

I then build up some example by writing the digital time on the board and try to elicit the clock time equivalent. For example:

7:00 – seven o’clock
3:25 – twenty five past three

Basic time telling

With this worksheet, students can practise the basics of telling the time. Give a worksheet to pairs of students. Students take it in turns to ask the time and then draw it onto their blank clock face. When they’ve finished they should compare sheets to check their drawings.

A good way to follow up this activity is to have students talk and ask each other about their daily routines. For example, What time do you get up? What time do you leave work?


Approximate times

This worksheet helps more advanced students tell the time in a more nuanced way. First look at the examples given and see if you can brainstorm any other ways to tell the time given. Then have pairs of students come up with ideas for the blank clock faces.


Train Timetable

This is a train timetable with missing information. Give each pair of students their half of a copy of the timetable.  Students must ask what time is the train to …? in order to complete their copy of the timetable.


Telling time worksheets

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