Scavenger hunt

If the weather’s good, why not send your students out to get some fresh air. Give pairs or teams of students a list of 10 to 20 items which must be found (and if possible photographed). Set a time limit, I usually give my students 30 minutes and then meet up again to compare answers.

The list of things to be found can be quite vague, for example: something tiny, something old, something scary. Or the list can be more specific, for example: a road sign, a take away food menu, a policeman on rollerskates.

Here are some items you could put on a list.

Vague list

  • something old
  • something smooth
  • something shiny
  • something beautiful
  • something expensive
  • something yellow
  • something made in another country
  • something tiny
  • something that’s alive
  • something dangerous
  • something horrible
  • something you can eat
  • something you also have at home
  • something that smells bad / good
  • something made of wood
  • something damp

Specific list items

  • a menu
  • a truck
  • a doorbell
  • a garden ornament
  • a flag
  • a clock
  • someone wearing a hat
  • a man with a beard
  • a spider web
  • a poster for a forthcoming event
  • a loaf of bread
  • a vending machine
  • someone wearing a uniform
  • a rose

Teaching Online

This is also a great activity for teaching online, give students a list of things which they must fetch from their home or immediate environment. Then you can spend some time looking at whichever objects the students present.

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