Present Perfect Continuous Activities –

Present perfect continuous is often taught in conjunction with present perfect. These are some of the activities I have used.

Online Present Perfect Continuous Exercises

For online present perfect continuous exercises and activities see our online-focused site

Since or For

Tell students to divide a page into two columns and to write for on one side and since on the other.

Give students the following time phrases and have them write them in the correct column.

a long time, two weeks, the last lesson, I was a child, the start of the year, half an hour, ages, 10 years ago, ten years.

Challenge them to make sentences using variations of the time phrases given.

Finding out about Hobbies and Interests

Ask students to find out and make a list of some of their partner’s hobbies and interests. When the list is complete, find out how long their partner has been involved with that hobby or activity.

How long have you been doing yoga?

I’ve been doing yoga for two years.

TEFLtastic – complete the sentence game

I often use this fun activity from Alex Case’s site. Students have to complete sentence stems with their own ideas and then read only their part to the class. The class has to guess what the original stem was.

Tense Review Board Games

The present perfect continuous is one of the tenses used in the grammar review board game. Students are challenged to make suitable sentences about a variety of random topics.

Other games are available on the board games page.

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