Making future arrangements with the present continuous

making arrangementsOne of the classic activities for practising the present continuous for future arrangements is to have students schedule appointments with each other.

This version of the activity gives students the opportunity to communicate one on one with each of their classmates.

Give each student a copy of the blank weekly appointment planner and tell them that their task is to arrange a fun activity with each member of the class.

Now is a good time to brainstorm some of the language they might need and put it on the board. Have pairs of students model the activity openly and make any corrections and additions you feel necessary.  You might come up with some phrases like these:

What are you doing on Tuesday morning?

Would you like to go fishing on Friday?

No, I hate fishing!

Sorry, I’m busy then, I’m playing badminton with Jennifer. How about Tuesday at twelve?

I’m afraid I can’t do Tuesday afternoon; I’m having lunch with Maria.

How is 10.00 for you?


Students should now circulate and try to arrange a suitable activity with each member of the class. Make sure that they write the appointment in the relevant time slots on the planner.  The activity will get harder as their schedules begin to fill up.

When everyone has finished. Have the students take it in turns to report some of the highlights of their coming week.


If you have a small class, you might want to use this simple planner which has fewer time slots.

As a follow up activity you could have students write a report about what happened on one of their ‘dates’.



All feedback is welcome!