ESL books for English teachers

Our ESL books for teachers are mostly available in PDF form or as photocopier friendly, A4 sized paperbacks.

 Collaborative crosswords form the basis of a pairwork speaking activity aimed at learning and describing new vocabulary.

Unlike a regular crossword, students must themselves supply the clues to their partner who has the other half of the puzzle, this gives them practise in expressing concepts for which they may not fully have the required vocabulary.

The vocabulary in this book is British English, a US English version will be available in the near future.

Are you finding these ESL conversation questions useful? Our book 50 Conversation Classes features 50 themed sets of conversation cards. Each set is accompanied by a sheet of vocabulary, grammar and idiom activities to help prepare the ground. Keep it in your bag and you’ll always have a backup plan.

50 conversation classes - American version

No more need to explain what a lorry or a flat is. This version of our best selling book has American English equivalents of some of the less well-known British English vocabulary.

This Kindle eBook contains all 500 ESL conversation questions featured in the print version of the book in a handy reference format for your smartphone.

Scatter Sheets can be used as warm up, theme introduction, vocabulary presentation and fluency exercises.

A Scatter Sheet is a page of randomly distributed lexis based around a theme, for example In the Office, At the Supermarket. Students take it in turns describing items for the other students to guess. The teacher helps with any words left at the end. Check out