Find someone who – printable worksheets for adult classes

Find someone who is a great mingling activity which gets students on their feet and forces them to interact one-on-one with their classmates. I often do one of these on the first day with a new class as they can serve as a great ice-breaker activity. First, give each student a copy of the question […]

Number bingo! – a fun way to practise learning numbers

Number bingo is a fun game to help beginner English learners recognise numbers. For some reason my adult learners always really enjoy this game, I think it helps to relieve the pressure of being a beginner and makes them realise that learning English can be fun too. Give each student a bingo card. If there aren’t enough […]

Constructions – a fun preposition game

This is a  fun preposition game which enables learners to practice and uncover new prepositions of position as well as picking up some useful new vocabulary. It requires a bit of effort to prepare but this is usually rewarded by a heightened level of involvement and output from the learners. Two groups (of one to […]

The recipe game

This recipe game is based on a suggestion from the absolutely essential teacher’s resource book 700 Classroom Activities. This fun activity lets learners get creative while practising food vocabulary and presentation skills.   What to do Put students into pairs or threes and tell them that they are going to write a shopping list, then write on the board […]

The expert game

This fantastic activity gets the students talking to each other about things that are close to their hearts and accelerates the group bonding process.Save up this memorable activity for a day when you have good attendance and you want to give students a chance to really get to know each other. Fold a piece of A4 […]

Lying games

These lying games work so well because they require forming lots of purposeful questions, while the interrogated student is asked (and often fails) to pull off heroic acts of keeping a straight face. Before playing one of these games, you could set the students this question to discuss in pairs or threes. What are some […]

Stand up if you’ve ever …

This present perfect game encourages students to talk about their life experiences and to reveal their more interesting stories. You can use this handout as a warm up activity to give a more controlled practice. The aim of this game is to be the only person standing up by sharing a life experience and inviting other students to stand […]

How to play ESL Taboo plus ready-made Taboo cards

ESL Taboo is a simplified version of the popular board game. It’s a lively crowd-pleaser and it’s perfect for reviewing and reactivating vocabulary, as well as forcing students into speaking freely without over-analysing their output. Also, check out picture taboo for a twist on this popular activity. When to play Taboo At the end of […]

Story dice

Rory’s Story Cubes are  great for promoting fluency in the classroom and are especially effective with lower level learners. Each pack of Story Cubes comes with nine oversized dice, each side of  which has a different picture for a total of 54  different pictures. When you roll all the dice, nine different  pictures will come up […]