Fortune-telling to practise the going to future form

going to future formThe going to future form is one of the most often used ways to talk about the future. Students may be familiar with using will to talk about future events, but as they begin to become more confident speakers, they will need to be exposed to other ways in which English language speakers talk about future plans. In this activity, students practise predicting future event using going to + verb. This could be a fun activity to do at the beginning of a new year.

If you don’t fancy cutting up lots of pieces of paper, you can play this game with your smartphone or tablet, see the fortune telling web-app.

Print and cut up some fortune-telling runes (clipart icons do the trick). You will need at least thirty symbols per pair of students, so there’s a bit of scissor work involved.

If you need more symbols a google search provides a rich vein, here are some examples.

Conjure up the image of a fortune teller waving their hands over a crystal ball and tell students they are soon going to read their partner’s fortune.

Try to elicit examples of events which a fortune teller might predict, for example:

I see a handsome stranger in your future
You are going to meet an old friend
You are going to spend some time in a foreign country
You are going to have a lot of children
Your son is going to be a lawyer
You are going to be very successful

Write these ideas on the board and review the use of the going to future form to talk about predicting the future based on present (visible) evidence.

Make sure you model the next stage with a student!

Put students into pairs and give each pair a container full of cut up runes. Students take it in turns to select runes from the cup, one or two at a time, and then use these runes to make meaningful predictions about their partner’s future.

At the end of the activity go around the class and find out what destiny has in store for each of them

Fortune-telling printables

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  1. I am going to do this lesson with my adult’s class today and I am going to try to add to the atmosphere by taking little tea lights and dimming the lights… Maybe I will discover a real fortune teller in my class.

  2. Great activity!

    I’ve done this before. A much easier way to play is to have students make a fortune teller out of paper and write their own predictions on it. It takes about ten minutes, and you dont need to spend countless hours cutting out runes. 🙂

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