A to Z word race

adults raceThis ten minute game acts as a sure fire way of injecting some energy into the classroom. It’s a great way to introduce a topic or review some theme based grammar. Themes might include: adjectives, jobs, food, things you take on holiday, etc.

Write the letters A to Z in columns down the board (see the illustration). Make sure that there’s enough space next to each letter for a word to be written.

A to Z raceDivide the class into two teams (three is possible but can get chaotic). Get each team to nominate a writer who comes to the front and stands by the board.

Each writer will need a different coloured board pen / piece of chalk.

As soon as you say start, students must race to write an appropriate word next to each letter. For example if the theme is adjectives then they might write. Angry, Beautiful,etc. Team mates help by shouting out suggestions and giving spelling tips. I don’t stop my students from using any resources they have to hand such as textbooks and dictionaires. Only one word can be written for each letter so the first to start writing claims the letter.

After a five or ten minute limit, or when all the letters have been used (I usually leave out X) give a point for every word each team has managed and congratulate the winners. If there are any spelling mistakes then elicit the correct spellings from the class.

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  1. its very interesting activity. I am going to try out it day after tomorrow with the mentees in district level Symposium Program. there i am going to give a lecture on importance of using warm up activity in classroom

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