Collaborative Crosswords – For Presenting Vocabulary and Improving Fluency

Collaborative Crosswords

Collaborative crosswords also known as half-crosswords are a pairwork speaking activity in which students must give clues to their partner to help them complete their half crossword.

Because students are challenged to describe objects without naming them directly, they are forced to find synonyms and be creative in their communicative approach, this kind of exercise is very effective at improving confidence, building vocabulary and increasing fluency.

Below are 25 pre-prepared half crosswords along with a vocabulary picture matching sheet for pre-teaching the required vocabulary.

You can also get all 25 collaborative crosswords in a handy PDF or paperback.

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Expanding the activity

You could also separate the class into two halves (or smaller groups). Give one half of the class a copy of the down crossword and ask them to come up with clues for the down puzzle. Give the other half the across crossword half and have them produce clues for the across puzzle. Each student will need to make a copy of the set of clues. Then the groups swap their clues (not their puzzles) and then individually or in pairs have to attempt to complete their crosswords. This would also make a good homework activity with students having to come up with the clues on their own.

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