What’s your opinion?

opinion cardsThis is a good getting to know each other exercise for a first class with intermediate students and above. It gets the students circulating and asking questions and there’s an opportunity at the end to discuss some of the issues raised.

Print out or write some of your own opinion cards and give each student five random cards.  Give students a chance to read their cards while you help out with any questions about meaning and vocabulary.

Tell students that they should hold onto any opinions that they strongly agree with and that they must now get rid of any opinion cards they hold which they don’t agree with. They do this by mingling and asking other students if they agree with the sentiment expressed on their card. If they find someone who agrees with the opinion on their card that person takes the card and adds it to the cards they already hold.

When the activity seems to be coming to a natural end, tell students to give you any cards they haven’t managed to get rid of and tell the students to sit back in their places.

First go through the opinion cards that were unclaimed and see if anyone is willing to take any of them, then go round the class asking students to reveal which opinion cards they are holding, this should spur plenty of debate and discussion, provide plenty of opportunities for language input and help the students to get to know more about their classmates.


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