What’s my dream job?

dream jobHere’s a quick and simple to set up activity to help remind students that we use the present simple when giving general information about our lives and routines.

First, illustrate the use of the present simple by telling students some the duties involved in your job. For example,

I prepare classes, I correct homework, I travel all over the city, I make coffee for clients.

Ask students to think about and write down five things which they do every day in their jobs. When they have finished, listen to each student’s list of tasks and correct mistakes where necessary.

Now ask students to think about a job which they wanted to do when they were a child. In pairs, students must now ask their partner closed questions and try to guess the dream job from the given answers.

Model this by thinking about one of your own earlier dream jobs and invite the class to ask you questions in order to try and guess it. Write some of these questions on the board to support the students’ question forming and to help prompt ideas.

For example,

Do you need any special equipment for this job?
Do you work outside?
Is this job dangerous?

Now put the students in pairs and have them ask each other questions and try to guess their partner’s dream job.

When the activity has finished you can ask the students to report what their partner said about their job. This will help to reinforce the use of the ‘s’ in the third person singular form. E.g.,

he wears special clothes
he travels in a big red vehicle
he spends a lot of time sitting and waiting

All feedback is welcome!