What’s my dream job?

Here’s a quick and simple to set up activity to help remind students that we use the present simple when giving general information about our lives and routines. First, illustrate the use of the present simple by telling students some the duties involved in your job. For example, I prepare classes, I correct homework, I […]

Clothes vocabulary review activity

Here’s a quick idea for reviewing and uncovering clothes vocabulary and practising the second conditional. Brainstorm as many different types of clothes as possible starting with the head and working down. Write all this vocabulary on the board in columns labelled Head / Top / Bottom / Hands and Feet. You could use our clothes […]

10 outdoor activities you can do on a sunny day

Some days it feels just too hot to sit in the classroom. If you have a nice patch of ground nearby, why don’t you take them outside and allow the change of scenery to stimulate their imaginations? Here are ten outdoor activities which need little or no preparation. Scavenger hunt Make a list of items for your […]

Present continuous mime game

I’m generally not a big fan of using mime games with adult students, some seem to be very uncomfortable under that particular spotlight. However, I have found that this mime activity with smaller, ‘universal’ actions performed in small groups goes down well, and students nearly always end up having a good time with it. Start […]

Present Simple Interviews

This is a fantastic activity for giving students practise in asking and answering questions in the third person singular. Make sure students are in pairs, if there are an odd number of students, it’s best if the teacher makes up the odd pair at this stage. Give each pair a set of interview sheets (Note: each […]

First lesson: interview another student

This getting to know each other activity is an ideal first lesson activity. It’s simple to set up and works well for most levels above Beginner. Sketch or print out this first lesson interview template, I usually use two sides (10 topics). At the top of each row is a space for a topic title. […]

Last weekend: past simple questions

This past simple conversation activity helps give students practice of forming ‘did’ questions. Obviously, it’s best to do this on a Monday but you could do it at any time and change the time period focused on. For example, do it on a Friday and focus on events which have happened during the week. First, […]

Expressing opinions – a great icebreaker for more advanced classes

This activity designed to get students expressing opinions about a range of topics is a great getting to know each other exercise. It works very well as a first class icebreaker with Intermediate and above students as it forces them to mingle and have conversations, and there’s an opportunity to discuss some of the issues raised […]

Find someone who – printable worksheets for adult classes

Find someone who is a great mingling activity which gets students on their feet and forces them to interact one-on-one with their classmates. I often do one of these on the first day with a new class as they can serve as a great ice-breaker activity. First, give each student a copy of the question […]

Poker Face

Poker Face is a true or false type game that can be played with a pack of playing cards (or slips of paper). You can use it to review specific tenses and for question asking practice. Deal each player three to five cards. The first player lays one of their cards face down and makes […]