Prepositions of position memory game

As well as helping students to remember the names of different items, this memory game (sometimes known as Pelmanism) is also great for practising prepositions of position. Before playing, point at some of the different unturned cards and try to elicit from the students how they could describe the position of the cards. For example on […]

Four in a row – a fun way to test and review grammar forms

Four in a row is an activity for groups of three students. Each pair is given a puzzle sheet (see below) comprising of a grid of words, they compete to connect four of the grid-squares vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The third person in the group acts as an invigilator. Student A chooses a grid-square and must […]

Constructions – a fun preposition game

This is a  fun preposition game which enables learners to practice and uncover new prepositions of position as well as picking up some useful new vocabulary. It requires a bit of effort to prepare but this is usually rewarded by a heightened level of involvement and output from the learners. Two groups (of one to […]