What’s the movie? – how to talk about a story

What’s the movie? is an enjoyable activity which introduces some movie and storytelling vocabulary while practising use of the present simple in talking about film plots and books. Think of a popular film and write some present simple sentences describing the plot and setting., For example: It’s set on a big ship It stars Leo […]

Question Time: A simple activity to promote group discussion

Question Time is a group discussion activity based very loosely on the BBC’s political talk show of the same name. Ask students to think of three topics that they think might be interesting to talk about in class. Topics can be anything from nice weather and favourite foods to the political situation in Uganda, etc. […]


This ESL classic is often given as a suggested activity for practising the past continuous tense. However, in my experience, students often revert to the past simple in the heat of the moment. Nevertheless, it’s still an often hilarious game which encourages inventive thinking while posing and answering questions. Inform students that a terrible crime […]