Collaborative Crosswords – for presenting vocabulary and improving fluency

Collaborative crosswords also known as half-crosswords are a pairwork speaking activity in which students must make up the clues for their partner. Because students are challenged to describe objects without naming them directly, they are forced to find synonyms and be creative in their communicative approach, this kind of exercise is very effective at improving […]

Word mazes are great for teaching pronunciation

Word mazes are a form of puzzle where students must follow the correct sequence of words to make their way from the start of the maze to the finish. Word stress mazes Being aware of syllable stress is crucial for helping non-native English speakers to improve their pronunciation and comprehensibility. These word-stress mazes get student […]

Four in a row – a fun way to test and review grammar forms

Four in a row is an activity for groups of three students. Each pair is given a puzzle sheet (see below) comprising of a grid of words, they compete to connect four of the grid-squares vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The third person in the group acts as an invigilator. Student A chooses a grid-square and must […]

ESL crosswords and how to make them

Crosswords are really great for introducing a new theme or grammar point, you can give them out as a warmer while you’re waiting for all the class to arrive, or they make a  handy homework or vocabulary review task. Note: not every student will be familiar with crossword puzzles, so make sure to explain it first […]

ESL board games provide a safe space to practice new language forms

ESL board games are a handy way to get students using new language, and are especially useful for practising targeted grammar structures. Students get to ask and answer “realistic” questions and in the process get to know each other a little better, hopefully leading to higher quality interactions and increased speaking opportunities. In fact, some […]