Story dice

story diceRory’s Story Cubes are  great for promoting fluency in the classroom and are especially effective with lower level learners.

Each pack of Story Cubes comes with nine oversized dice, each side of  which has a different picture for a total of 54  different pictures. When you roll all the dice, nine different  pictures will come up which learners can use to create a unique story.

When to play

This picture game is great as a warmer or filler or just as a diversion or for a change of pace.

How to play

Here’s one way to use the dice to practice the past simple.

Give small groups (three to five) a set of dice. Someone shakes the dice so that there are now nine pictures showing. The first student starts the game by saying Last Saturday I… and then incorporating one of the pictures into the narrative. That dice is then put back into the cup and the next student must continue the story using one of the remaining die. The process continues, getting trickier and trickier, until there are no dice left.  At this point the students can stop the game or roll the dice again and go for another round.

Tech alternative

The Rory’s Story Cubes app seems to have been removed from the iTunes store, however there’s an even better alternative available. Story dice is a $1.99 app that has a whopping 140 symbols to play with, 100 more than the official app had. Just pass your phone around the class and set the stories free.

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