Present continuous passive photos to practise talking about what is being done.

present continuous passiveHere is a photoset which you can use to illustrate the use of the present continuous passive, there will probably be a couple of new vocabulary items for the students too.  All of the pictures show an action in the middle of being performed, namely:

  • a room being cleaned
  • a wall being painted
  • a house being built
  • a child being carried
  • a car being repaired
  • a horse being ridden
  • a wallet being stolen / a man being pickpocketed
  • a model being photographed
  • someone’s nails being painted
  • a window being cleaned
  • some ducks being fed
  • a nut being eaten
  • a building being demolished
  • a guitar being played

I always introduce the present continuous use of the passive after the students have been introduced to and grasped simpler forms of the passive. Students often find the continuous form a little unusual at first. These photographs are an ideal way of illustrating the use of the form. Go through each picture and for the first few, first have the student identify what is happening in the active form, asking what is he / she doing? When they have answered switch the focus on the objects in the photographs and ask questions like; what is happening to the room? Tell me about the child, etc.

Click on a photo to open the gallery.

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