Match Up – a phrasal verb game for learning and practising verb and preposition combinations

This is a phrasal verb game to test students on their knowledge of phrasal verbs and help them get a feel for recognising and using them.

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There is also a handy web version of this phrasal verb matching game complete with a useful definition checking feature. See the teaching with technology page for other handy web apps and tools.

This is a game to test students knowledge of phrasal verbs and help them to get a feel for using them.

For each group of 2-4 student make two piles of paper slips. On one pile write the verbs that you want to practise and on the other pile, prepositions which are commonly used in phrasal verbs.

Example verbs: come, give, go, get, hold, keep, make, put, see, set, take, turn

Example prepositions: over, on, in, through, down, up, at, off, of, out, around, about, away, for, with, back, into

A student in each group takes it in turns to turn over a slip from each pile, for example, they might get keep and off. If the student thinks that it’s a valid phrasal verb then they must use it in a sentence in order to get a point. The other students can challenge if they are sceptical, dictionaries and the teacher can be used to solve disputes.

Play continues until there are no more slips left.

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