Conditional Activities

This is a work in progress. I will be collecting here tried and tested activities for practising conditionals.

First Conditional


This matching exercise challenges students to identify some common superstitions from around the world. It is useful for introducing the first conditional. After they have completed the activity, ask them to come up with any other superstitions they are aware of.

Murphy’s Law

This is a simple activity for quickly reviewing the first conditional. Give each student a copy of this worksheet. After going through the first couple of examples as a class, have students alone or in pairs come up with ideas for the other situations.

Second Conditional

Conversation Questions

A set of conversation questions for practising the second conditional.

Class survey

This is a survey aimed at younger learners. Students must piece together their question and then collect their classmate’s answers. The results can be shared and discussed at the end of the activity.

Complete the sentence

Give each student a copy of the worksheet and ask students to complete some or all of the sentences. Make sure they put their name on the paper. Now, collect the papers and either redistribute them or if the handwriting is not so clear then read out the answers yourself. Students have to guess from the completed sentences whose answers are being read.

Third Conditional

Regrets Photoset

This is a photoset for practising third conditionals in the form I wish I hadn’t … You could

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