5 thoughts on “Story Cards

  1. mark was born in a small town,one day he thought “i wanna go to the big city”so he called a cab.when he reached to the big city he wanted to go buy a book from the book store,then he went to the park to take some pictures’then he saw a girl that he really liked so he asked her out and she said yes .

    the end

  2. when a guy was looking out of a window he saw balloons. when he got off the plane he won the lottery. he then made a multibillion dollar company. he also then became a rockstar and was then even more popular. all pollution in the world suddenly lifted and then a genie came up and game his unlimited wishes. he then made buildings all over the world for his company. his company now is worth over 500 trillion dollars. he is worth more than his company. he also gets anything he wants for free.

  3. a doctor went to a music fest and after the music fest he went to his apartment he saw mushrooms outside his apartment and thought they where cool he saw his next patient and then was done after that he went on a vacation and then Covid happened then End

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