ESL games for adults

ESL games and activities aimed at teen and adult learners.

Warm ups and fillers

Here you can find fun games and activities to activate your students’ English before you get down to the  nitty gritty of the lesson. Including no prep warm up activities and more no prep warm up activities.

Grammar games

Games and activities focused on the repetition of particular language structures. Including Board games, Alibi and Stand up if you’ve ever…

Vocabulary games

Games and activities designed to refresh and expand students’ working vocabularies. Including Taboo, Categories and Jeopardy.

Pronunciation games

Games and activities which focus on improving spoken comprehension including word stress and vowel sounds.

13 thoughts on “ESL games for adults

  1. I love your website! It is so helpful and practical! Thank you so much! I have done lots with teaching kids but recently started with adults and this is just brilliant what you have done! Thanks again!

  2. I did that Scatter Sheets stuff today with my kids, it went great! I’ve used your website a few times so far. Keep em comin!

    I have a few lessons on my site also. This isn’t a plug, but, it may inspire you to put some other games together. The review bomb game has saved me MANY classes.


    • Thanks Vito, I’ll check out your site.The great thing about scatter sheets is you can easily whip one up before class using whatever vocabulary you want to focus on / review.

  3. Its a very good activity box.I’m glad that I visit this site.but plz make other activities according to the tenses’ there are some activities.

  4. This website has saved my lessons! I can’t thank you enough!
    The apps are very well done, students always leave happy especially after playing with the picture description app.
    Thank you again!

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