Making future arrangements with the present continuous

One of the classic activities for practising the present continuous for future arrangements is to have students schedule appointments with each other. This version of the activity gives students the opportunity Continue ReadingMaking future arrangements with the present continuous

Prepositions of position memory game

As well as helping students to remember the names of different items, this memory game (sometimes known as Pelmanism) is also great for practising prepositions of position. Before playing, point Continue ReadingPrepositions of position memory game

Clothes vocabulary review activity

Here’s a quick idea for reviewing and uncovering clothes vocabulary and practising the second conditional. Brainstorm as many different types of clothes as possible starting with the head and working Continue ReadingClothes vocabulary review activity

Third conditional wishes photoset

Here’s a photoset designed to elicit third conditional sentences expressing regrets. Each photo shows a non-ideal situation which may now be regretted. Remind your students of the form, ie., wish Continue ReadingThird conditional wishes photoset